Our team pride themselves in our athletes standing out on stage with perfect tan to suit each federation standard, long wearing stage makeup which enhances your features & hair to compliment the rest of your package you bring to the stage! 

Through years of experience, we know what colour you need to be and understand that after all the hard work you have put in to get on that stage, your tan, makeup & hair is what will set you apart from the rest and adds majorly to your scoring on the day of your show. 

We recommend having your base coat tan done the day before (or 2 days before if you are naturally fair skinned for a little more processing time)

The tan is left on overnight and washed off the following morning . The base tan is done to give the skin a rich undertone to work with using Bella Bronze 'Organic Rapid Dark' solution as this produces a dark chocolate colour.

The morning of the show, the fitness comp tan is applied to the desired colour to the federation/category you are competing in. The Bella Bronze Tan Top Coat Tan formula contains the perfect blend of bronzers, with quick drying technology, to give you the best state tan yet





We know preparing for a photoshoot is nerve racking. Most fitness competitors do their photoshoots either before or after their show that they may have spent minimum 3 months of specified training and strict macro tracking for. We would love to help you achieve the best possible package for your shoot, by doing in-house tanning, makeup & basic hairstyling.

We have worked with many different photographers, modelling agencies & fitness federations to know what makes your photos stand out compared to the rest to bring your best foot forward, this means making sure your tan is the perfect colour with our signature blends of solutions, non streaky & even all over.